Request to Cancel Your Policy

To submit a request to cancel your policy, please complete and submit the form below. Your policy number can be found at the top of your Policy Schedule which was emailed to you when you purchased you Nannyinsure policy.

Provided there has been no incident that has resulted, or could result, in a claim, Nannyinsure will issue a pro rata refund if you are terminating the policy part way through the policy period. If there is less than one calendar month remaining on the policy no refund will be due. A full refund of the premium paid will be issued if the insurance policy is canceled within 14 days of the commencement of cover.

These details will be sent directly to our Nannyinsure team who will be be in contact with you with your policy cancellation details by the end of the next working day.

Name (*)

Please let us know your name.
Policy Number (*)

Your policy number, starting with "NI", will be on your insurance documentation. If you cannot find it please call us on 020 3134 4410.
Email Address (*)

Please let us know your email address.
Date policy to end (*)

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Reason for Cancellation (*)

Please let us know why you are cancelling your policy
Are you sure you wish to cancel your Public Liability Insurance Policy?

By submitting this request does not constitute cancellation as we will need to contact you to verify your request.


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